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Two years ago, I had the courage to actually grow a moustache for men’s health awareness.  I never grew any facial hair before and did not know how well it will turn out.  During that time, my dad was curious of why I had a moustache and I told him about men’s health.  It was important to have regular health check ups and also building awareness around mental health.  Of course my dad was supportive and he got his full regular checkup.

During his regular checkup, the doctor noticed an enlarged prostate and my dad didn’t really experience any symptoms.  He had to do some blood testing and his PSA levels were a little bit high.  The next step was the biopsy.  He was filled with anxiety and couldn’t sleep for days.  The report showed mid stage prostate cancer.  In less than 5 months, he has his prostate removed in 2013.

I was very thankful that I actually grew a moustache to save my dad’s life.  So for this year, I have decided to grow it again.  Please share and support Movember where they bring awareness to men’s health and mental health.

If you would like to donate to Movember, click on my Dr. Sherman Tung’s Movember Page

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