Where was Dr. Sherman Tung?

Dr. Tung’s Mini Business Adventure

Some of you are wondering, where is Dr. Tung? Why can’t I book an appointment with him? Well, here is an update of what’s going on.

New York
Dr. Tung and the staff travelled to New York to explore new frames and technology for our patients. More details to come!


Dr. Tung was invited to present at the 20th Practice Opportunity Symposium. He will be sitting on a panel with other Canadian practitioners to answer all the student’s questions on private practice.


Do you remember Alicia, Elisa and Helen as our volunteers at Avenue Eyecare? Well, they are attending Illinois College of Optometry and will be graduating from Dr. Tung’s alumni Optometry School. We had the opportunity to have Pequod’s Deep Dish Pizza. (Helen was studying for a neuroanatomy test) A shout out to one of my patients, Jenny Liu, for the recommendation. The baked on cheese crust was to die for!


Can you find Dr. Tung on the Bean?

Los Angeles
Do you know anyone that had a complicated laser eye surgery? Or poor vision from a distorted cornea? Well, Dr. Tung will be mastering his skills at the Blanchard Lab Scleral Lens Workshop. He will be a pro fitting these specialty contact lenses. Stay tuned!


Last meal before Dr. Tung left Los Angeles. In N Out!
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