Our Team

Gene - Optician

Gene completed her Dispensing Optician program at Douglas College. With a graphic design background before becoming an Optician, Gene has always had an eye for style and a love of craftsmanship, she is passionate to bring in more new and exciting brands into our clinic. In her spare time she enjoys making crafts and taking care of her succulent babies.

Jenny – Optometric Assistant

Jenny graduated from University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Science. Her exemplary interpersonal and communication skills are appreciated by both our patients and her colleagues. Don’t hesitate to challenge her by speaking different languages! She is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, English, and a little bit of Spanish and Korean, too. She is a very thoughtful person so she will go that extra mile to make everyone happy.

James – Optometric Assistant

James graduated from British Columbia College of Optician. With a mindset to help those in need, he continues his effort to improve his craft on handling and educating patients about optical products. Outside the clinic, he might be exploring the city events and diners, perusing anything from Wikipedia to science fiction, learning music on six strings, or just cultivating nerdism.

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