4 tips to help with your Ocular Allergies

4 tips to help with your Ocular Allergies


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I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful cherry blossoms that are all over the city. However, this is also the start of allergy season.  Did you know that when you log onto your local weather network, it will tell you the pollen count for weeds, grass, trees and moulds?

If you are suffering from itchy allergic eyes, here are some tips!

1. Use cold compresses.  This will help with the itchiness and decrease the swelling

2. Artificial tears.  The tears help flush out the allergen that is causing the itchy puffy eyes.

3. Use a systemic allergy medicine.  It is  important to see your family doctor to see what medications is the right fit for you.  Some medication may cause drowsiness, increased appetite, altered taste/smell, anxiety, or depression.

4.  The best solution for itchy eyes.  PATADAY!!!  This is a miracle medication for allergy sufferers.  It helps relieve your red and itchy eyes.

Did you know that a visit to come see us about allergies is a covered by your CareCard?  So there will be no additional fees as long as you have you a valid CareCard. With allergy suffering patient that wears contact lenses, we usually recommend the patient to switch to daily disposable contact  lenses to relieve their symptoms.

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Dr. Sherman Tung, OD FAAO

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