5 Eye Tips for Halloween (1 Bonus Tip)

5 Eye Tips for Halloween (1 Bonus Tip)

It’s getting dark and that means Halloween is just around the corner. A lot of children will be trick or treating. Here are some safety tips that will help prevent some eye injuries.

1. Avoid costumes that block vision

Masks, wigs and eye patches are fun Halloween accessories but they may block visibility,  especially peripheral/side vision.  A safer option would be using make-up instead.  Hypo-allergenic options are very safe and make sure you keep it away from the eyes.

2. No sharp objects as props

Some pirates and fairy costumes may require a sword or a wand.  Make sure the props are not sharp and remind  your children not to run with anything that can poke their eyes.  Flash lights are also a good idea.  They can illuminate the dark paths and walkways.  A flashlight will also make your child more visible to drivers.

3. Fireworks

Children are at a higher risk of fireworks-related eye injuries.  Make sure you are in an area away from buildings and other overhead obstructions.  We recommend that you wear safety glasses when you are lighting the fireworks.  In addition, don’t let children handle sparklers.  They burn at a very high temperature and can easily cause damage if it comes into contact with the eyes.

4. Decorative Contact Lenses

Most kids nowadays can order spooky cosmetic contact lenses from Clearly Contacts and other online retailers.  Remember that contact lenses are a medical device and requires a valid prescription and fitting by an eyecare professional.  It’s not worth it to be careless with your eyes for one night of fun, only to develop a sight-threatening corneal ulcer the next day.  At our office, we usually see a high spike of cornea problems the next day after Halloween.

5. Reflective costumes or stickers

You want your children to be seen, especially when they are crossing the streets.  If their costume is not reflective, come by  Avenue Eyecare to pick up your “Be Seen. Be Safe” stickers.  They are highly reflective 3M stickers and they are FREE!


You can also have your child go trick or treating in the mall. It’s well lit and kids won’t have the opportunity to dash in between cars to cross the streets.


Dr. Sherman Tung, OD, FAAO