7 things you didn’t know about your eyes

7 things you didn’t know about your eyes

Here are riveting facts you may not know about your eyes…

7.   Most people need reading glasses when they get older If your prescription is between -1.00 to -3.00, you may get away with reading glasses by removing your distance glasses.  For the rest of us, the focusing eye muscles will get weaker and this condition is called presbyopia.

6. The lens in your eye is quicker than any camera lens An average camera lens takes at least couple seconds before it can focus on an object.  Your eye is able to focus in milliseconds.

5. You blink approximately 15,000 times a day. This is to ensure that your eyes stay moist.  This process allows you to maintain a clear image.  If you stare at the computer a lot, this number may decrease down to 10,000 times a day.

4. Everyone gets cataracts if you live long enough The lens inside your eyes is like an egg.  If you cook an egg, it’ll become cloudy and white.  Over time, the UV rays from the sunlight will cook the lens in your eyes and you will eventually develop a cataract.

3. Diabetes is often first detected during an eye exam People suffering from Type II diabetes are usually symptom free.  A comprehensive eye exam can detect early signs of diabetes from the tiny hemorrhages on your retina.

2. 20/20 vision is not best vision you can see Most people should be corrected to 20/20 vision.  However a select few is able to see one line lower than 20/20.  That line is 20/15.

1. Your Eyes water when they are dry The eye will tell the brain that the eye is dry.  When this happens, the brain signal the lacrimal gland (tear gland) to release tears to the eyes.  Sometimes this occurs in excess, and it will cause your tears to roll down your face.

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