A new era in low vision aids

A new era in low vision aids



As a significant proportion of our population ages, inevitably, there will be an increase in patients living with low vision.  Thankfully, technology has come a long way to help living with low vision more manageable.

Do you have a parent who is struggling with low vision?  If so, you may want to look into these popular assisstive technology products that use smartphones, tablets, and eReaders.

1.  DAISY (Digital Accessible Information System):  A digital talking book player that allows patients to listen to audio CD’s or download audio books direct to the player.  *DAISY  CD’s and audio books are available through the CNIB library

2.  Bank Note Reader:  developed by the Bank of Canada, this device talks and vibrates to identify different paper bills.  This device is compact and is distributed free of charge at CNIB.

3.  BigReader electronic magnifier:  this uses a portable tablet screen and mouse to help magnify (x12 or x17) books, magazines, and newspapers and is shown in the picture above.  It is available in black and white images or colour.

Low vision aids are helpful in giving patients a better quality of life by allowing them to enjoy their hobbies again.  Make an appointment with your Doctor of Optometry to explore all of your low vision correction options.


Dr. Jessica Chang, OD


Vancouver Kerrisdale Optometrist