A typical day at Avenue Eyecare

A typical day at Avenue Eyecare

What We Do at Avenue Eyecare

On a typical day at Avenue Eyecare, there is an assortment of things we do. In the morning, after opening the clinic, we check the voice messages and emails. Soon after that, the first patient of the day arrives. If it is a new patient, we will have them fill out our environmentally friendly patient intake forms. Then, the patient is ready for pretesting. There are 4 pretests done at Avenue Eyecare: auto refraction, eye pressures, retinal photos, and visual field. Each of these tests serves an important purpose in the completion of a comprehensive eye exam. After pretesting, the patient is then sent off to see the Optometrist.

We also dispense prescription glasses and contact lens at Avenue Eyecare. Many patients and walk in customers often look to purchase from us. Our trained opticians provide insightful knowledge on how to choose the perfect frame, lens, and coating.  We then take all necessary measurements and send the frame to a lab to have the lenses manufactured. When we receive the completed set of glasses, we double check the prescription and quality of the lenses. If they pass our quality control, we will contact our patients to pick up their brand new pair of glasses.

Everything we do at Avenue Eyecare ensures our patients are well taken care of and we look to provide the effort and expertise for our patients’ eyes to stay healthy for life.

Guest Blogger: Vivian Cheung, Optometric Assistant