About our clinic

We are happy to announce that Avenue Eyecare is now open! Here are some before and after pictures over the course of our construction.

We tried to design our clinic with the environment and sustainability in mind. Here are some highlights:

1. All of our chairs are from Haworth’s “Very Task” line. They are made with up to 65% recycled content and are up to 98% recyclable. Howarth’s “Take Back Program” ensures that at the end of our chair’s lifecycle, it will be recycled into something new for someone else to enjoy.

2. We are going paperless! Avenue Eyecare uses an electronic medical record system to ensure more trees are spared when it comes to record keeping for our patients. In the cases where things must be printed, we use 100% recycled paper.

3. Our dispensing/display table is made from a salvaged western maple tree. Coast Eco Timber is a Vancouver based company that salvages and rescues wood in BC and the rest of the world. They are committed to sustainable forestry through the supply of rescued and reclaimed wood products. Here is a quote from their website: “We rescue wood that is hundreds of years old so that you can cherish it for generations”.

4. We decided to use carpet tile from J+J Invision that is made with a yarn containing recycled content. Carpet tile is a great option because it allows you to replace small tiles rather than a full room which can be wasteful. Our carpet is NSF 140 platinum graded, which is the best grade possible (grading is based on the manufacturing, recycled content, public health/environment, energy efficiency, and reclamation). Our carpet is also rated Green Label Plus, which means the product is ranked as having the lowest chemical emissions on the market. J+J Invision also has a carpet reclamation program to ensure worn carpet does not reach a landfill.

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to our designer William Chan of False Creek Design Group and our project manager Wilson Chan from PECO construction for doing a phenomenal job!

Dr. Jessica Chang, OD  drchang@avenueeyecare.com