Are your kids “beezing”?

Are your kids “beezing”?


You might ask yourself what does “beezing” mean?  It’s a new trend where kids are using lip balm to their eyelids to attempt to create a unique sensation.  So how does it work?  It’s usually when you apply a lip balm that contains peppermint oil or menthol-containing lip balm such as Burt’s Bee and smear it on the outside of your eyelids.  This new fad provides a unique “high” feeling, and is usually used with other common highs such as alcohol or marijuana.

This topical application is easily absorbed through the eyelid so that’s how the sensation works.  The danger of this new fad is that you may increase inflammation to your eyelids or ocular structures.  It may cause redness and swelling. Other side effects of using lip balm on the eyelids may increase herpes virus infections or any other infections infections. Long term use of this may cause permanent eye damage.

Awareness is the first step and you may want to talk to your child about this new trend especially the danger and side effects of “beezing”.  If your eyes are ever inflamed or irritated, please see your local Doctor of Optometry to have them treated.

Img source: blog.lulus.com