Axial Length Measurement for Myopia Management

Axial Length Measurement for Myopia Management

We’re excited to introduce our newest tool to help us be at the forefront of myopia management. Lenstar Myopia by Haag-Streit combines the precision of the Lenstar 900 optical biometer with the management tools of Eyesuite Myopia software. This new technology enables us to measure your child’s axial length which tells us how long their eye is from front to back.

Why is this important?

Myopia (nearsightedness) normally results from an increase in the axial length that is greater than the expected rate for the patient’s age.  Over time we can map the data on growth progression curves to precisely monitor how well we’re managing their myopia.

A longer eye leads to a higher risk of myopia progression and a higher prescription. This means we are able to make accurate predictions regarding the onset and progression of myopia. Axial length measurements are quickly becoming the standard in monitoring the success of myopia management along with the traditional method of comparing prescription changes over time.

We’re the first clinic in British Columbia to offer this new technology by Haag-Streit.  All patients undergoing myopia management through our “myopia club” are given semi-annual progress reports by Lenstar Myopia. This serves as a great education tool for both the patient and their parents.

Has your child’s vision been worsening quickly? Book an appointment for a myopia management consultation with us to learn how our “myopia club” can help your child.