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Did you know that 80{4422c3e9d6d956ffe17c4a9703f8867adf328a271a08c00de098d82d34d0cfb5} of learning is visual?  And 1 in 5 children has an undetected vision disorder! This problem is often misdiagnosed as a behaviour or an attention deficit issue.  A simple eye exam can change everything.

The months of August and September are a great time to have your child in for an eye exam.  Eye exams are covered by a valid BC Carecard and does not cost anything to the parents.  There is no reason why you shouldn’t bring in your child.  At Avenue Eyecare, Dr. Sherman Tung and Dr. Jessica Chang will check both your child’s near and far vision.  The exam also assesses if their eyes are working together as a team.  We will look for lazy eyes, depth perception problems, astigmatism and of course the overall eye health.

We recommend that your child gets their first eye exam at 6 months of age and then yearly after that.

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