Bob Costa Eye Infection: Sochi 2014

Bob Costa Eye Infection: Sochi 2014


As you may be aware, Bob Costa will not be hosting NBC’s Olympic Primetime coverage due to an eye infection.  The most likely cause is a viral infection that most people call “pink eye”.  In scientific terms, it’s called Epidemic Keratoconjunctivitis.  Symptoms may include sudden onset of irritation, soreness, red eye, sensitivity to bright lights, foreign body sensation and excessive tearing.  In severe cases, there patients may experience ocular pain and decrease in vision.  Symptoms usually lasts for 7-21 days.  The fellow eye is usually affected 50{4422c3e9d6d956ffe17c4a9703f8867adf328a271a08c00de098d82d34d0cfb5} within 7 days.

The treatment usually only includes supportive management.  This includes artificial tears and cold compresses.  Hand washing and daily replacement of towels and pillow cases are highly recommended. Sometimes there is controversy in using steroids to ease the eye pain because it may increase the viral load and may take longer to heal.

A new treatment Betadine 5{4422c3e9d6d956ffe17c4a9703f8867adf328a271a08c00de098d82d34d0cfb5} (Povidone Iodine) has been used  can help reduce the viral load in the infected eye.  It’s been used off label but has had really great success in a faster recovery for the eye infection.  The success rate is even higher if you start this treatment near the early stages of the eye infection.  You’ll have to ask your local Doctor of Optometry if they carry it in their office.

In the meantime, I hope Bob Costa has a speedy recovery.  I bet Matt Lauer will do a great job in filling in for Bob Costa.

Picture Source: Today.com/nbc olympics