Can I swim with my contact lenses?

The summer is just around a corner and a lot of patients love water sports whether it’s sailing or swimming.  A popular question is, “Can I swim with my contact lenses?”.  Swimming with contact lenses should be avoided whenever possible to prevent any ocular infection.  Ocular infections may lead to infectious ulcers which are may be sight threatening. The FDA does not recommend contact lenses come in contact with any kind of water including tap, swimming pools, lakes, ocean and hot tubs.

Contact lenses act as a sponge.  It will absorb all the bacteria, virus or parasites in the water and cause irritation to your eyes.  If you do decide to swim with contact lenses, daily disposable contact lenses are the safest option.  They are made to be worn and thrown away after a single use.  This way, it helps reduce the risk of developing an eye infection.  We carry Acuvue products that will help protect your eyes from harmful UV sun rays.


Another great option are swimming goggles.  At Avenue Eyecare, we carry Sable prescription swimming goggles and scuba diving goggles that are protective from harmful UV rays.

If you are planning to be in the water this summer, please plan ahead for the safety of your eyes.

Dr. Sherman Tung, OD FAAO

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