Christmas gift ideas for babies…

Christmas gift ideas for babies…

December is here and it’s time for me to get my act together and start my Christmas shopping!  I’m finding it hard to shop for my friends’ babies because their likes and dislikes change so quickly.  I’ve decided to be a good auntie and optometrist and buy gifts that will encourage their vision development.  If you’re a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle and need Christmas gift ideas, here is a guideline you can keep in mind.

Birth-4 months:  High contrast toys (blacks/white/reds) are seen better at this age because their colour vision is not yet fully developed.  Toys that are meant to be used within 8-12 inches that they can reach for and touch (such as a small stuffed animals) are best because their focal point is quite close at this time.

5-8 months:  Plastic or wooden blocks that are small enough to be held in their hands as well as textured toys helps develop hand-eye coordination.  Hanging toys for the crib/stroller for the baby to pull, grab and kick is good for vision and motor development.

9-12 months:  Hide and seek games with toys helps develop visual memory.  Books or games that associate objects with words helps develop vocabulary.  Find an interesting toy that makes noises to draw the babies attention and encourage them to creep and/or crawl towards it.

Appropriate toys can provide rich sensory-motor experiences for babies and be fun too!  I hope these pointers help making your shopping experience less stressful!

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