Contact Lens Fitting

A contact lens fitting is needed to determine a contact lens prescription. This service can be added to any comprehensive eye exam. A contact lens is a medical device that sits on a very sensitive part of human tissue, called the cornea. If a lens does not fit your eye well, is not cared for properly, or is made of a material that is not breathable enough for your cornea, this can result in a wide range of complications from eye infections to blindness. Contact lenses have 3 main parameters that are finalized during a contact lens fitting:

Base Curve: this ensures that the contact lens’ shape fits the curve of the front surface of your eye
Power: most of the time, the power of a contact lens differs from the glasses prescription
Material/brand: the material must be the most comfortable, moist, and breathable for your eyes

At Avenue Eyecare, we fit single vision, toric, monovision, multifocal, and rigid gas permeable contact lenses. Single vision and toric lenses correct for nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Multifocals/monovision contacts also correct vision at near for those who also have blurry vision when reading. Rigid gas permeable contact lenses are hard lenses which are required for certain prescriptions and eye conditions (eg. Keratoconous) and for orthokeratology (corneal reshaping therapy).