Demodex and Dry Eyes


Source: Review of Ophthalmology

One of the hottest topics in optometry is Demodex.  Demodex is a hair follicle mite that causes ocular irritation, itching and scaling of the lids.  Past ocular history may include failed treatment of blepharitis.

Chronic blepharitis is one of the most common diseases of the eyelids and it’s not very well understood.  The appearance of “cylindrical dandruff” may be associated with Demodex infestation and is often misdiagnosed.  Clinical signs my include conjunctival inflammation and meibomian gland dysfunction.

There are many types of treatment.  The latest popular treatment includes tea tree oil applied with cotton tip applicators after you apply one drop of tetracaine.  Aggressive debridement of the lashes and the lash roots may also help.  Try to apply three applications 10 mins apart per visit.  Treatment is completed with tea tree ointment.  Repeat for 3 visits, each one week apart.
Other treatments may include pilocarpine gel and mercury oxide ointment.
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