Did you know your medications can affect your eyes?

Did you know your medications can affect your eyes?

A patient asked why we include the question “list of medications” on our exam forms and I realized many people don’t know the possible ocular side effects of their medications.  This probably happens because it’s hard to find time to counsel patients on the long list of side effects of every single medication they take.

Here is a short list of a few common types of medications and what an optometrist will look for during your eye exam…

1.  Statin medications for high cholesterol:  unexplained double vision, ptosis (lowered eye lid)

2.  Anti depressants and anti psychotics:  dry eye disease, light sensitivity, glaucoma (angle closure), blurred vision (usually at near)

3.  Pain medications:  unexplained double vision, visual distortions, intermittent blur

4.  beta blockers and diuretic medications for high blood pressure:  chronic dry eye, light sensitivity

5.  inhaled steroids for asthma:  cataracts, glaucoma

6.  blood thinners:  subconjunctival and retinal hemorrhage

If you are taking any medications, it is important for you to provide a thorough list of both prescription and non-prescriptions medications to your optometrist.  It may help them explain and treat changes in your vision and eye health.


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