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Disney Princess Eyewear | avenueeyecare.com


Couple months ago, we had a little 6 year old princess that came into our clinic and was wearing a Snow White outfit.  She even wore her Snow White Tiara.  She was diagnosed with a lazy eye and was required to wear glasses full time for her treatment.  Her mom was struggling to find a pair of glasses for her daughter because there were no princesses that wore glasses.  Her mom also noticed that there were not a lot of optical stores in Kerrisdale that sold kid’s friendly glasses. Her mom noticed that we had a Disney Princess Line and wanted to see if we had something for her daughter.  Her daughter instantly fell in love with the beautiful “Belle” eyeglasses from Beauty and the Beast.

We recommended the Essilor Junior lenses because they are scratch resistant, stay smudge-free longer, shatterproof, reduce glare from classroom lighting, whiteboards and computers so her child’s eyes do not become tired and red and also 100{4422c3e9d6d956ffe17c4a9703f8867adf328a271a08c00de098d82d34d0cfb5} UV protective.  In addition, there is a 14 month warranty if your child’s prescription changes. The program is only offered to kids 12 and under.

Just a couple days ago, the mom came in to thank us because her daughter will not go anywhere without her glasses and noticed that her daughter’s lazy eye was improving.  We were very delighted to help her and couldn’t believe the power of Disney.

Disney’s Princess brand also include other beloved princesses like Snow White, Ariel and Jasmine. The Disney Princess Eyewear collection will inspire little girls to dream. Each Princess frames comes with a case that is also a charming handbag. Come by and take a look at our kids’ eyewear!!  We even have X-games glasses for the boys.

Please check out our youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFHb7EYFl5w

Dr. Sherman Tung OD, FAAO drtung@avenueeyecare.com