Do you have dry eyes? Try this quick questionnaire!

Do you have dry eyes? Try this quick questionnaire!


I attended a dry eye seminar this weekend and the speaker shared a great questionnaire to incorporate into my dry eye practice.  These questions help guide me to see whether you have the symptoms of dry eyes and can help in diagnosing the type of dry eye as well.

Try this quick questionnaire yourself:

1.  Do you feel like you have something in your eye, a sandy or gritty sensation?  If so, does it feel better when you rub your eyes?

2.  Does your vision seem to fluctuate when you read?  If so, does your blurred vision clear immediately after the blink and then blur again?

3.  Do your eyes feel stuck shut in the morning?  If so, does washing or rubbing your eyes seem to help them feel better?

4.  Do you suffer from frequent styes?

5.  Do your eyes tear or water?  Is the tearing worse in certain conditions? (e.g. outside vs inside, on computer, windy day, air conditioning)

6.  Do you currently use any type of artificial tear?

7.  Do your eyes burn?

8.  Do your eyes get tired?

9.  Do your eyes feel sore when blinking or moving your eyes?

10.  Do you have sensitivity to bright lights or sunshine?

11.  Do your eyes itch?

12.  Are your lids usually red or puffy?

13.  Do you have frequent eye infections?

14.  Do you have discharge from your eyes?

15.  Have  you ever had eyelid surgery or other injury to your eyelids?

16.  Do your wear contact lenses?

17.  Are your lenses comfortable?

18.  Are your eyes sensitive to the contact lens solution?

19.  Have you worn lenses before but quit wearing them due to discomfort?

20.  Do you have any of the following:

Allergies/Asthma/Chronic cough/sneezing/thyroid disorder

sinus congestion/headaches/arthritis/dry mouth/runny nose

21.  Do you take any of the following medications:

anti-anxiety/hormone replacement/diuretics/birth control

oral antihistamines/hypertensive drugs/oral steroids

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Dr. Jessica Chang, OD


Vancouver Kerrisdale Optometrist

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