Dr. Tung’s tips for the computer!

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Dr. Tung was invited by Axiom Zen|Zen Hub to provide a talk about visual hygiene. Their employees spend a lot of time on the computer and Dr. Tung shared some helpful tips. Here are some of them!

1. 20/20/20 rule (Every 20 mins, look away at 20ft away for 20 mins) This will help relax your eye muscles.
2. Proper lighting. Make sure your room is lit properly and eliminate all glare from external sources such as the windows.
3. Blink! We usually blink about 15 times a minute. When we stare at the computer, we blink about 3 times a minute.
4. Monitor placement. Make sure your computer is 15-20 degrees below eye level and the computer is approximately 40-75cm away.
5. Regular eye exams. Your doctor will check for any uncorrected prescription and muscle alignment to make sure your eyes are working optimally.
6. Lens Technology. Blue light coating, HD lenses and new media lenses help reduce eye strain.

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