Dry Eye Management Program

Dry eye disease is a chronic condition where there is a deficiency in the quantity and/or quality of your tears. This causes poor lubrication which leads to damage and inflammation on the eye’s surface. Your tears are made of 3 layers: oily layer, watery layer, mucous layer. There are multiple factors contributing to de-stabilizing these 3 layers which causes dry eye disease. The goal of managing dry eye disease is to re-stabilize your tear film.

Dry eye disease is estimated to affect 25% of our population and its number is growing. Those who are at highest risk include people with extended use of screens, autoimmune disorders (e.g. Sjogren’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes), medications (e.g. antihistamines, antidepressants), and menopause, just to name a few.

Symptoms of dry eye disease include stinging/burning sensation, scratchiness, mucous strands in the eye, excessive tearing, blurry and unstable vision, sensitivity to light, redness/irritation, and discomfort with contact lens wear. These symptoms often affect the quality of your daily life.

We have developed a Dry Eye Management Program and have invested in technology and training to better diagnose and treat this complex condition. Our goal is to help our patients gain better quality vision and comfort. Our unique program includes:

1. A review of your health and environmental risk factors
2. Advanced diagnostic measurements to identify the root cause of your dry eye (including meibography to assess your oil glands and osmolarity testing to assess the amount of “salt” in your tears)
3. Implementing a personalized treatment plan
4. Advanced in-office treatments such as Blephex to help your tear’s oily layer work more efficiently and iLux to heat and express clogged oil glands along the lid
5. Follow-up appointments to monitor your progress
6. A personalized starter kit with dry eye treatment products

We offer a free initial consultation to ensure you are a good candidate. Enrolment in our program starts at $550. If you are tired using different over-the-counter eye drops that don’t help relieve your dry eye symptoms, this program is for you!