Eye Exam Coverages by Medical Service Plan (BC Care Card)

Eye Exam Coverages by Medical Service Plan (BC Care Card)

Gong Hay Fat Choy!  Happy Chinese New Year everybody!  Recently, many of our patients have been asking if their child’s eye exam is covered by their BC Care Card.  So today, I’ll take some time to talk about what BC Care Card covers at our clinic.


1. Children( 6months – 18 years): Comprehensive eye exams at the age of 18 and younger are ALL covered by BC Carecard.  We start seeing children at the age of 6 months to check their ocular motor functions, vision, and also ocular health. (e.g. retinoblastoma, ocular tumour in the eye).  Children are entitled to have 1 full exam annually and is FULLY covered by BC Care Card.

2. Ocular Emergencies: Here are some examples but not limited to

  • Red Eyes – we can diagnose/treat these conditions with medications.  You can avoid the long line ups at your family doctor or at the ER
  • Sudden Onset of Flashes/Floaters – we will dilate your eyes to rule out any retinal holes or detachments (best done within 3 days)
  • Foreign body removal – we are trained to remove any metals or wood chips with our special equipment
  • Eye Pain/Dry Eyes


1. Seniors(Age 65 or older) : At Avenue Eyecare, the senior eye exams are PARTIALLY covered.  At Avenue Eyecare we conduct a complete eye health examination not just an eye test or screening.  We provide our patients with an accurate, up to date prescription to match their vision needs.  We also examine the health structures of the eye, including ocular  surface structures, and the back structures of the eye.  We use the latest technology to search for any early signs of eye health issues or in some cases, signs of other systemic health concerns.  Our newest equipment includes a digital retinal camera, digital slit lamp(photographs ocular surface structures) and computed visual fields(peripheral vision analysis).  This sets us apart from other optometry clinics because we take our time educating our seniors with the latest technology.  Seniors are entitled to a PARTIALLY covered eye exam annually.

2. Adults (Age 19-64) Routine examinations are not a BC Carecard covered benefit for people between 19 and 64 years old. However, if you have an underlying medical condition, your eye exam may be PARTIALLY covered(not limited to):

  • ocular disease, trauma or injury (e.g. cataracts)
  • systemic diseases associated with significant ocular risk (e.g. diabetes)
  • medications associated with significant ocular risk (e.g. Plaquenil)


  • Recommended treatments such as eyeglasses, contact lenses, low vision aids and eye co-ordination exercises
  • Contact lens fitting
  • Eye examinations that are required by potential employers or other third parties (with the exception of DMV)
  • Laser refractive surgery co-management (pre- and post-operative visits)

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact our office at 604.558.1133 or email us atmaincontact@avenueeyecare.com

Dr. Sherman Tung OD FAAO drtung@avenueeyecare.com