Foggy Eyeglasses?

 It’s fall and there is a change in temperature in Vancouver. With this temperature difference, I’ve noticed that patients are complaining about foggy eyeglasses. What is fog? Fog is a water vapor which is condensed into tiny droplets lying close to a surface, like lenses in glasses, which limits visibility. Most of the time, eyeglasses become foggy when you move from a cold to a hot environment. This is very bothersome because patients have to wipe their glasses with a cleaning cloth each time they go from the colder outdoor to warmer indoor environment.

This year, Essilor has come up with a new solution. This new product is called “Optifog”. How does it work? The lenses have a unique fog repellant property. The property is enhanced with a specific concentrate called the “Optifog Activator”. Each week, you will have to apply this activator to the lenses. This will repel all the tiny droplets off the lenses, and as a result, you get a pair of truly fog-free lenses. This will decrease distortion, blur, and contrast lost from the fog.

If you’ve been frustrated by foggy lenses in the past, I would recommend the addtion of  Optifog technology to your next pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses. Come by Avenue Eyecare and check out the demo!

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