We carry a wide range of fashion frames in all price ranges. Our optical includes the most popular designs but we can help you choose the best frame to fit your lifestyle. There is something for every customer, from lightweight simplicity to designer brands. This list includes just some of the brands of frames we carry.


ic! berlin designs and produces screwless glasses and sunglasses in its own Produktion Haus in Berlin. 100% Made in Germany. ic! berlin is a child of the new Berlin entrepreneurial revolution, a thriving creative metropolis fuelling innovation and ideas. ic! berlin produces glasses, sunglasses, reading glasses for kids, women, men, and everyone in between. Each and every ic! berlin frame features a one-of-a-kind patented screwless hinge system, which combined with high quality materials such as sprung stainless steel, makes ic! berlin eyewear virtually indestructible. ic! berlin eyewear is designed with passion, produced with technical precision and handcrafted with love. ic!

O&X- Inspired by the “New York life, “being “Out & eXposed” is the overall theme of O&X. You are able to express your personalities through their eyewear. The great thing about their line is that they portray the essence of “agelessness,” so it’s not meant for particular age groups. As long as you want to express yourself through eyewear, O&X has a diverse collection for you to find the perfect pair.

Tom Ford is fashion eyewear that turns head.  

Strongly rooted in classic Danish design, Prodesign Denmark still dares to be bold and optimistic, creating award-winning quality products with an aesthetic appeal, and a little unexpected twist.

Featuring your funky Clubmasters to the classic and popular Wayfarer, Ray-Ban is the global market leader in premium eyewear that allows for the maximum amount of clarity and protection.

Boss Orange is part of the sophisticated international fashion designs of Hugo Boss, an independent mindset as much as a free-spirited lifestyle, helping eyeglass design wearers find their own style.

Men's eyewear design characterized by simplicity focused on functionality. For those seeking a sleek, minimalist design with a high-fashion silhouette. French panache meets Scandinavian design in OGA inspired by the contemporary look of modern architecture.

New Balance is all about balancing function and fashion when designing products. That's why kids can enjoy their designer eyewear in seeing well, as each frame offers an athletic feel blended with an active colour palette.

Designed by Yuko Shimizu in 1974, Hello Kitty is taking the world by storm through countless products and fashion apparel with her Sanrio friends. Now available in cute and elegant designer eyewear, kids can wear Hello Kitty, looking and seeing great.

Aspex Eyewear's EasyClip® technology gives you eyeglasses and sunglasses in the same stylish frame with removable polarized lenses that go on and off with one easy click. Whether you need to read or the light's too bright, EasyClip® has you covered. EasyClip® utilizes only rare-earth neodium magnets that have ten times the magnetic attraction of standard ferrous magnets. This means your EasyClip® attachment stays securely in place regardless of movement or impact. No other eyeglass attachment combines adaptability, practicality, durability and style like EasyClip®.

EasyTwist are made with Trilaston, a proprietary memory metal innovation, developed by Aspex Eyewear, known for its elasticity and unsurpassed shape recovery properties. EasyTwist’s frames withstand the test of time and bounce back into shape even after extensive periods of use, more resistant to stress, shock, corrosion and extreme changes in temperature. EasyTwist line results in the creation of frames that are hypoallergenic so as not to cause adverse skin reactions.

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