How do optometrists work with CNIB?

How do optometrists work with CNIB?

We recently received a thank you card from CNIB for our charitable donation that was given with our ALS ice bucket challenge facebook campaign and people have asked about how doctors of optometry work with this organization.

The Canadian National Institute for the Blind provides rehabilitation and support for those with low vision.  I remember volunteering with them when I was in University and we learned how to work with the visually impaired.  They have support groups, educational information for patients and their families, as well as devices to allow a better quality of life for those with low vision.  At times, optometrists need to refer patients to CNIB for these services.  CNIB can help with giving back some independence to those dealing with vision loss as well as getting patients to enjoy hobbies likes reading and using their computer again.

Do you know someone who may benefit from services at CNIB?   See your doctor of optometry and they will assess whether a referral to CNIB will help make a difficult situation better…


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