How to chose your cataract surgeon….

How to chose your cataract surgeon….

Vision is considered as the most important sense by the majority of the population.  Understandably, choosing the best cataract surgeon for you is a very important decision.  I’ve compiled a list of 10 points that I feel people should think about before choosing a surgeon.

1.  Ask those you trust:  Whether it’s your optometrist, friends, nurses at local hospitals, or your family doctor… ask your trusted circle who they recommend and why…  From an optometrist’s point of view, we want our patients to have good vision and no complications.  Not only would our patients be happy, but it would make our job easier too!  It makes sense to refer my patients to cataract surgeons who send my patients back with good post-operative results.
2.  Research your surgeon’s education/years of experience:  The BC Physicians and Surgeons website is a great resource or the surgeon’s website profile
3.  Research your surgeon’s licensing:  Again, The BC Physicians and Surgeons website is a great resource, it will indicate whether or not the surgeon has undergone any discplinary action
4.  Find out whats others think:  Are there any testimonials or reviews?
5.  Find out how many surgeries they have performed:  Don’t be afraid to ask your surgeon during your consult!  I would say over 1000 surgeries is a fairly well-practiced surgeon!
6.  Make sure you feel comfortable with your surgeon:  During your consult, did they explain what would happen before and during the surgery?  Did they explain the post-operative care procedure?  Did they explain the costs and benefits of different types of intraocular lenses?  Did they explain what vision to expect after surgery?
7.  Get a second opinion:  If you don’t trust what your surgeon is saying, don’t be afraid to get a second opinion before committing to surgery
8.  Find out their percentage of good outcomes:  Don’t be afraid to ask your surgeons about their success rates (if  you’re planning on getting premium specialty intra-ocular lens implants, ask specifically about their specialty implant outcomes)
9.  Find out who will be doing your surgery:  Will it be the surgeon you consult with?  Will it be a resident ophthalmologist?
10.  Find out what their protocol is if you feel there are any complications after surgery:  What is their availability in the case of emergencies?

I do feel we are lucky in Vancouver to have many good surgeons to work with in the Lower Mainland.  I really appreciate this fact, especially after having been on eyecare missions where there are only 1 or 2 surgeons to serve millions in a country. Regardless, it doesn’t hurt to do your research before committing to your surgeon.

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