12 May 2015

New frame line.

When Dr. Tung and I were at the frame show in New York a couple of months ago, we were both drawn to the O&X New York display.  Their unique frame colours, shapes, and materials made it an easy choice to bring this line to our clinic.

The letters “O&X” stand for “Out” and “Exposed”.  The brand wants to encourage individuals to come “out”  with their personal expression, in terms of different colours and special accent features.  The eyewear is designed to “expose” your personality.

The O&X line has timeless and ageless pieces and has been popular for both young and old alike.  The plastic frames have a deeper universal bridge that fits well on almost all shapes and sizes, and their newest models are made of extremely light injection molded nylon.  The frames are all designed and made in Japan.

Come check out our new O&X line, and let your personality come out in your new eyewear!