Itchy Eyes! Allergies!


Spring time! It has been a long and gruesome winter and we can finally enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms and tulips. However, for some of us, spring time can trigger our allergies. The worst part is itchy eyes and you want to rip your eyes out. Most over the counter medications like Claritin, Reactine and Benadryl just dries everything up and makes the person feel even more uncomfortable. And if you think Visine works, it really doesn’t.

Every year, I have been prescribing an effective anti-allergy medication for my patients to stop the itching during and before it starts. But I’m even more excited about this new drug named Bepreve. It’s manufactured by Bausch and Lomb and it can stop the itching in 3 minutes! It’s used twice a day for a fast and long lasting comfort effect. The side effects may include some metallic taste.


If you are suffering from allergies, book an appointment at Avenue Eyecare and we will take care of your eyes.