Our lens products include: High definition single vision lenses, high index lenses, free-form progressive lenses, task specific lenses for computer and reading, polarized transition lenses, anti-fog lenses (Optifog), and durable impact resistant children's lenses.

Essilor is the world leader for corrective lenses. They have a strategy that has been driven by innovation for more than 160 years. From design to manufacture, the group develops a wide range of lenses to correct and protect eyesight. Its headline brands are Varilux, Crizal, and Experio. They also carry unique products like Optifog.


Zeiss designs everything from surgical microscopes and lasers to telescopes and lenses used in space exploration. These same technologies are used to compute and produce the world's most advanced precision spectacle lenses and coatings. Their product lines include Zeiss, Sola, Teflon Clear Coat Lenses and AO.

Hoya's motto is "Science You Can See", which is a promise of their real technological innovation in proprietary lens materials, advanced optical designs and superior lens finishes. They manufacture a wide range of lenses in single vision, bifocals and progressive designs. Their products include Hoyalux iD, Nulux Active 8, and Super Hi Vision EX3.

With close to 100 years of experience developing legendary cameras and other precision optical instruments, Nikon has acquired unparalleled expertise in complex optics. At Nikon, they pride themselves on being the first to bring landmark technology to the world of lenswear. They offer a wide range of lenses, providing the ultimate in quality, comfort and cosmetic appeal. Come in to try the outstanding world of Nikon ophthalmic lenses for yourself at Avenue Eyecare. Their product lines include SeeMax AP, SeeMax and Presario Power.

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