Movember and Eye Health


Source: http://www.askingsmarterquestions.com/the-growth-of-movember/

 It’s Movember!  I hope everybody is supporting Movember by growing a moustache or donating to this great cause.  Sometimes campaigns like this helps promote cancer awareness in both  men and women.  Prostate cancer is the most prevalent in males with a 24.5{4422c3e9d6d956ffe17c4a9703f8867adf328a271a08c00de098d82d34d0cfb5} incidence rate.  Followed by lung and colorectal which are both around 13.8{4422c3e9d6d956ffe17c4a9703f8867adf328a271a08c00de098d82d34d0cfb5}. Ocular melanoma are around 3{4422c3e9d6d956ffe17c4a9703f8867adf328a271a08c00de098d82d34d0cfb5}.

The problem with most cancer is that you don’t feel any pain or any symptoms until it’s too late.  That’s why early detection is always the key for survival rate.  Most cancers of the eye and orbit in adults are melanomas, with lymphomas being the next most common. Both of these cancers start more often in other parts of the body. More than 9 out of 10 melanomas start in the skin, while most lymphomas begin in lymph nodes.

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