New Gucci Eyewear!

New Gucci Eyewear is officially in!

I’m pleased to announce our new pieces of Gucci eyeglasses (Men’s and Women’s) and sunglasses are coming in!  I love a lot of the new pieces we have because they’re both stylish and functional.

Gucci is an iconic Italian brand that was founded in Florence in 1921.  The word “iconic” is a fitting description because it is the best selling Italian brand internationally.  A lot of their signature designs are revealed in their eyewear.  For example, their popular bamboo handle bag that was introduced in 1947 is featured in the bamboo detailing in the sunglasses in the picture above.

In terms of functionality and fit, we have several pieces that have a plastic frame front with nosepads.  This is a great feature because we can now offer the look of a fashionable plastic frame with the added feature of adjustable nosepads to fit every kind of nose.  We have also selected some fashionable sunglasses that can be fit with prescription lenses.

All Gucci frames are manufactured and designed in Italy.  Come by and take a look at our new pieces from their Spring collection!

Dr. Jessica Chang OD drchang@avenueeyecare.com