New Stellest Lenses for Myopia Management are here!

New Stellest Lenses for Myopia Management are here!

Stellest myopia lens

We’re excited to announce Stellest lenses by Essilor are now available!  These lenses add another spectacle lens correction option for our young patients who are in need of myopia management. These specially designed lenses are used to slow down the progression of nearsightedness in children.

How do they work?

Stellest lenses using H.A.L.T. technology (Highly Aspherical Lenslet Target) are made up of 1,021 highly aspherical lenslets that create a volume of non-focused light in front of the retina.  These lenslets vary in power and are spread across 11 rings.  This helps signal the eye to slow down both the rate of prescription increase and elongation of the eye. There is a central clear zone in the lens to allow for sharp vision.

What do the studies say?

The most recent published study reveals promising two-year results. Stellest lenses demonstrated a decrease in myopia progression of 67% and a slowing of axial elongation by 60% in children who wore their lenses full time (≥12 hours everyday) compared to children wearing conventional single vision lenses. The study also reported poor compliance with wear time decreased the efficacy of Stellest lenses.

Will my child adapt to the lenses?

The study reports 90% of children in the study adapted well to the lenses by day 3 and 100% adapted within one week.

What material are the lenses made from?

Stellest lenses are most definitely made with kids in mind.  They are available in impact resistant Airwear material and come with Crizal kids anti-reflective coating.


Contact us to see our sample Stellest lens in person and book a consultation with one of our optometrists to learn if this new technology is right for your child.  As with all of our patients enrolled in myopia control, our optometrists will monitor your child’s progress in these lenses and track their axial length (length of the eye) over time to ensure they’re on the right track!