Ocular Disease Management

Many eye diseases should to be detected early for a better prognosis and monitored regularly. Your optometrist will work with your family doctor and/or ophthalmologist to co-manage your eye health.

Some common eye diseases that we co-manage include:

Diabetes – Every patient with diabetes is recommended to have an annual comprehensive eye exam. Diabetes often affects the eyes, especially when blood glucose levels are uncontrolled, and can lead to blindness.
Macular Degeneration/Glaucoma – Early detection at your eye exam and prompt treatment decreases the probability of vision loss from these common eye diseases. There are no symptoms in early stages of these conditions; therefore, routine eye exams are one of your best defences. Your optometrist can detect these eye diseases and make appropriate referrals to ophthalmologists who specialize in retinal disease or glaucoma if needed.