Our Receptionist, Alice Kong

Our Receptionist, Alice Kong

I am pleased to have the opportunity to introduce our new receptionist, Alice Kong.  She started with us after our construction finished and has been with us for a month and a half.  She is a quick learner and a great addition to our team.  We’re featuring her in our first “get to know our team” entry.

Q.  What do you think of eyecare field so far?

A.  I like this field because I’ve always wanted to work in a healthcare environment after my graduation from UBC.  I’m also realizing the importance of eye health.  Before working here, I didn’t know that your body’s health affected your eye’s health.

Q.  What challenges have you encountered so far?

A.  I’m getting trained on choosing frames for patients and at times it’s challenging with the many different face shapes and frame shapes.  It’s also important to get to know the patient and incorporate their personal style.

Q.  What areas of eyecare are you interested learning more about?

A.  I am looking forward to learning more about the different lenses available and how to choose the most suitable one for every patient’s unique needs.  I’m also interested in learning how to use
all of the pre-testing exam equipment.  Lastly, I would also love to learn more about different eye diseases and how to prevent them.

Q.  What languages do you speak besides English?

A.  Cantonese is my mother tongue because I’m originally from Hong Kong.  I can also speak some Mandarin.

Q.  What’s your academic background?

A.  I studied for 1 year at Langara College, then I transferred to the University of British Columbia.  I graduated with a major in Nutritional Sciences.

Q.  What do you like to do outside of work?

A.  I love my dog, Fei Mui (translation:  Chubby Girl).  She’s a 9 year old pug and I enjoy taking her on walks around my neighbourhood.   I also love watching horror movies.

Please join me in welcoming Alice to our team =)

Dr. Jessica Chang, OD    drchang@avenueeyecare.com