Practice prevention and early detection in 2016!

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When the new year rolls around, we all can’t help but think how we will improve over the year that just passed.  Do you want to eat healthier?  Quit smoking?  Be more active daily?  Routine examinations and early detection of disease makes your doctor’s job easier and is better for you too!  Make it a priority to take care of your eye health and general health in 2016!

During your eye exam, your doctor of optometry will dilate your pupils to check for any eye health conditions.  The most common diseases I detect are age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, and dry eye disease.  We can also discuss habits that can cause harm to your eyes in the future.  Are you exposed to UV without protection?  Do you have a healthy diet with anti-oxidants?  Our job is to keep your eyes healthy and seeing well for the rest of your life.  I had a patient who came in for a routine exam who had 20/20 vision with his 5 year old glasses, but after dilating his eyes, I found small bleeds (microaneurysms) on his retina which are correlated with diabetes.  He was able to see his family doctor to be treated for diabetes and because it was detected early, he is more likely to have a better outcome for his vision and health in the future.

Routine exams are recommended every 2 years for healthy adults and every year for seniors and children.  Lets work together to preserve your vision for years to come.  Book your exam today!  All patients who come in for an eye exam this January will be entered to win a copy of eyefoods ($25 value) and eyefoods kids ($15 value).

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