Protect your eyes!


Hi All!

The forecast is looking spectacular! It’s perfect for barbeques, hanging out at the beach and among other outdoor activities!

But remember to protect your eyes when you’re out having fun. UV rays are invisible rays of lights that come from the sun. These rays can be very dangerous as they can cause skin cancer (don’t forget to wear sunscreen!) and eye diseases. Without proper protection, you may be at risk of developing ocular diseases.

Sounds scary huh? But the good news is that there are ways to protect your eyes from harmful UV lights!

Have you heard of polarized sunglasses? Polarized sunglasses are made for UV protection and to reduce glare from surfaces such as glass and water (perfect for people who play sports!) They are different from normal sunglasses because they block allllllll horizontal light rays! Sounds too scientific? We have a cool display at Avenue Eyecare to show you the difference between polarized sunglasses and normal sunglasses!

P.S. there are very fashionable polarized glasses out there! I take shameless selfies with my awesome polarized Ray Ban sunglasses Dr. Tung picked out for me!

Guest Blogger: Karen Trinh (UBC Student)

Vancouver Kerrisdale Optometrist

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