Safety first!

Vancouver is known to be a very active city and I notice it everywhere I go…  There are always kids practicing soccer on the field behind our clinic, there are running groups going up and down the residential streets in our neighbourhood, and students walk by daily in their basketball or volleyball uniforms.  Did you know that prescription sport eyewear is available?  What makes sport eyewear different from regular dress eyewear?  Read on to find out…

At Avenue Eyecare, we sell ProGear Eyeguard eyewear.  It’s the first sport frame that passed all 3 international safety standards (ASTM F803 USA, EN166 Europe, JIS T8147 Japan).  The features of sport eyewear include:

-frames made of high viscosity polycarbonate for added impact resistance

-anti-slip temple pads

-hypoallergenic extended soft nose pads for extra protection

-detachable front shock dampers and inner frame safety side cushions

-adjustable velcro headband made with stretchable wet-suit material (washable)

-stainless steel rim lock barrels and screws

-slanted V-shaped groove for lenses to fit-in with a higher back wall for higher impact lens retention

-anti-fog and scratch-resistant hard coats on lenses

-3mm centre thickness impact resistant polycarbonate lenses with UV protection

If you or your children are involved in any sports that may involve a ball, racquet, birdie, frisbee, or elbow that could potentially hit your eyes, consider safety eyewar to avoid dangerous eye injuries!

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