Smith – Chroma POP


“The Grass Really is Greener “

Smith Optics’ new ChromaPOP lenses will have you saying “The grass really is greener”.  ChromaPOP lenses are made to give you precise optical clarity and more vivid and saturated colours.  As the name suggests, the colours perceived enhances and really pops.  The technology itself is actually quite fascinating. 

ChromaPOP’s brilliancy is in its way of managing colours in this new film-free polarization technology.  Your eyes perceive light through three colours: blue, green and red.  These colours function not only individually as wavelengths but together as they cross over.   However, when the wavelengths intersect, your eyes naturally get confused and have trouble distinguishing the different colours.  While most sunglasses lenses in the market today only filters out blue light, Smith’s ChromaPOP filters out the colour confusion, allowing your brain to recognize colours quicker and therefore allowing your eyes to see truer more vibrant colours, faster. How brilliant is that?


This line of lenses is made of one of the lightest weight lens material on the planet.  It is “10{4422c3e9d6d956ffe17c4a9703f8867adf328a271a08c00de098d82d34d0cfb5} lighter than polycarbonate, 15{4422c3e9d6d956ffe17c4a9703f8867adf328a271a08c00de098d82d34d0cfb5} lighter than plastic and 75{4422c3e9d6d956ffe17c4a9703f8867adf328a271a08c00de098d82d34d0cfb5} lighter than glass”.  Trivex material not only offer comfort but also provide clear vision and protection. 

All ChromaPOP lenses have an anti-reflective coating and an anti-scratch coating with five times the scratch resistance over plastic. 

Avenue Eyecare have a variety of styles available for both men and women.  Come on in and try a pair and see for yourself how the grass really is greener. 

Guest blogger: Sara