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Revolutionary New Dry Eye Treatments: Lumecca Intense Pulse light & Forma-I Radiofrequency

We’re so excited to add revolutionary dry eye treatment technology to our line-up: Lumecca Intense Pulse Light and Forma-I Radiofrequency by InMode. These technologies were originally developed and used in dermatology and aesthetics.  They have been well-studied in recent years for the treatment of dry eye disease. InMode’s...

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Blephex Treatment for Healthier Eyelids

Blephex is an in-office treatment for blepharitis.  This handheld device helps deep clean and exfoliate the lid margins.   The procedure uses a soft disposable medical grade micro-sponge that spins along the edge of your eyelids and lashes.    Blephex is a painless procedure that safely and effectively...

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How to choose an artificial tear?!?!

Artificial tears are over-the-counter eye drops that are mainly used to moisturize the ocular surface.  They are usually recommended for dry eye disease or even to help flush out irritants from our eyes.  Patients often get overwhelmed and confused when deciding which one to buy because there are...

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