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Does your glasses keep sliding down your nose?

Avenue Eyecare is about bringing you the eyecare products to you. Our staff was super excited when we met the owner of Nerdwax at Vision Expo East. He was featured in Shark Tank and we will be promoting his product at our clinic. If you apply it to your glasses, they won’t slide down your […]

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First ever Black Friday Sale on now!

Come in today to take advantage of our first ever Black Friday sale!  Enjoy 50% off most of our sunglasses lines and 30% off prescription frames with the purchase of prescription lenses.  Are you thinking of using your extended benefits before they expire at the end of the year?  Now that the rain has stopped […]

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What’s the difference between all these anti-reflective coatings?

    When you are ready to purchase a new pair of glasses, there are so many decisions to make.  Everything can be quite overwhelming…  You have a choice of frame, lens material and lens design, as well as different add-ons to consider such as anti-reflective coatings, transitions, tints, anti-fog coatings, etc…  The more knowledge […]

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What’s with Hillary Clinton’s new glasses?

I was catching up on my TV shows and recently watched the much anticipated interview of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on 60 minutes a few days after his 2nd Presidential Inauguration. I couldn’t help but notice the glare from the studio lights on Hillary’s left lens of her glasses. When I looked a little […]

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