The most common cosmetic eye surgery is…

The most common cosmetic eye surgery is…

The asian blepharoplasty, also known as the “double eye lid surgery”, is the most common cosmetic eye surgery.  Some patients of asian descent are born with an upper lid appearance without a crease above the lid margin, or a “single fold” eyelid.  The lack of a crease in the upper eyelid,  known as the supratarsal fold, can make eyes  seem smaller and more tired.  The Asian blepharoplasty procedure creates a supratarsal fold, making the eyes seem larger.

During my clinical internship in China, I went through the oculoplastics department, mainly to observe various surgeries, including the asian blepharoplasty.  The consultant would use one end of a paper clip,  push it against the patient’s upper lid, and this would allow the patient to get an idea of how their eye would look after the surgery.

The procedures I watched involved making  a small incision  where the fold would be created, taking out some of the fat in the eyelid, then sewing the skin down at the level of the desired fold.  It is usually performed by a cosmetic surgeon or oculoplastics surgeon.

Did you know it’s believe that Jackie Chan has had the procedure?  Take a look at the before and after picture above and decide for yourself!

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