Top 3 questions about eye dilation…

Top 3 questions about eye dilation…


When I get to the point of my eye exam where I need to put dilation drops into my patients eyes, I remind them why it’s important and go over the short term side effects.  Dilation drops make your pupil larger so that the doctor can get a better and wider field of view of the structures inside the eye.

Here’s are some common questions I get regarding pupil dilation:

1.  Why do some dilation drops seem “stronger” than others?

There are many different types of dilation drops that also come in several different concentrations.  Some doctors may even combine different types to have a greater effect.  Different types of drops and using a combination of drops can cause the pupil to be even larger and the effect on your focusing system may last longer.

2.  What are some factors that determine whether or not the doctor dilates my eyes?

This clinical decision is based on many factors such as the reason for your visit, your age, general health condition, vision/prescription, and previous eye exam results.

3.  How long do the effects of dilation drops last?

The general average is about 4 hours, although it can vary.  If the doctor uses “stronger” drops or if your eyes are lighter, the effects can last longer.

Although your vision may be a bit blurrier and light sensitive for a little while after your eye dilation, at least you’ll be able to walk out of Avenue Eyecare with a cool free pair of plastic temporary sunglasses to get home with a little more ease and comfort.

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