What are Anti-Fatigue Lenses?

What are Anti-Fatigue Lenses?



There are so many different lens options available now and patients have more lens designs than ever to choose from to make sure their prescription is filled to suit their every need.  Depending on your prescription, your options could be single vision lenses, bifocals, trifocals, progressives, office lenses, and anti-fatigue lenses (one of the newest lens designs).

Today I want to talk about anti-fatigue lenses because I find most patients haven’t heard of this option. Several lens manufacturers have a version of anti-fatigue lenses out on the market, and the purpose of this design is to “relax” our focusing system with the constant near work most of us put our eyes through on a daily basis.  Standard single vision distance lenses used to be adequate for most younger patients who are not presbyopic, however, with the increase in the amount of reading we do on computers and cell phones, some are finding it hard on their eyes.  More and more patient are complaining of eye strain and fatigue.  Anti-fatigue lenses are designed to relieve these symptoms.  The upper portion of the lens provides perfect distance vision correction (just like regular single vision lenses), then there is a subtle change in power towards the bottom to relieve the strain of near work.

Good candidates for these lenses include:

1.        Patients who are non-presbyopic (15-40 years old)

2.       Patients who experience eye strain and visual fatigue with reading, computer work, other near tasks

3.       Patients with accommodation or convergence problems (ie.  Problems with their focusing system and eye teaming)

4.       Pre-presbyopic patients (ie. On the brink of needing progressives in the next couple of years)

At Avenue Eyecare, we carry anti-fatigue lenses from several manufacturers, including Essilor’s Anti-Fatigue design and Nikon’s Relaxsee design.  Come see us for more details!

Dr. Jessica Chang, OD drchang@avenueeyecare.com