What do marathons have to do with curing choroideremia?

What do marathons have to do with curing choroideremia?

I was browsing through some T.V. channels the other day and I came across a story about a man who was running one marathon per month in 2012 to raise money to find the cure to an eye condition which he suffers from, choroideremia.  His goal is to complete one marathon each month in a different state  blindfolded and raise $12,000 per run.

E.J. Scott is the boyfriend of actress Deborah Ann Woll who is most famous for her  role as the vampire,  Jessica Hamby, in the HBO series True’s Blood.  He was diagnosed with choroideremia in 2003.  Choroideremia is a rare degenerative retinal disease that is inherited and x-linked (meaning males have this condition and females carry the gene that passes onto their offspring).  Several layers in the back of the eye that are necessary for vision degenerate including the choroid, retinal pigment epithelium, and retina.  The symptoms of this condition usually begin in childhood and manifests as poor night vision.  As the disease progresses, peripheral vision declines causing a tunnel of vision, and eventually  the central vision also disappears which causes blindness.

There is currently no known cure for this blinding disease.  If you’d like to donate to E. J. Scott’s fundraising marathons, please check out this link:


He has 2 races left in New York and Las Vegas!

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