What will my baby’s eye colour be?

What will my baby’s eye colour be?



Brown, green, blue, amber, hazel, gray… what eye colour will your baby have?  Eye colour is dependent on the complex genetics of the parents.  It is believed that 3 genes determine eye colour and only 2 are well understood.

Babies are usually born with little or no pigment in their eyes and are therefore very light.  As they develop, their cells begin to produce melanin (pigment) which changes the colour of their eyes, skin, and hair.  The amount of melanin in the eye is based on our genes.  In general the genes for brown eyes is dominant over the genes for blue eyes.  When the pairs of genes from both parents combine, depending on what combination of genes are passed on (both dominant and non-dominant), they will produce a certain eye colour and shade for their offspring.  Based on this, you can see why multiple possibilities exist.  It is even possible for 2 blue-eyed parents for have a brown/hazel eyed child.

Your eye colour should never change dramatically.  See your eye doctor immediately if this occurs because it could indicate certain eye diseases including pigmentary glaucoma, Horner’s syndrome, and Fuch’s heterochromic iridocyclitis.

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