Where will all the BC Doctors of Optometry go this weekend?

Where will all the BC Doctors of Optometry go this weekend?

It’s this time of year again.  Most likely your Doctor of Optometry will be attending the BC Doctors of Optometry 2015 Annual Conference from February 28th, 2015 to March 2nd, 2015 at the Westin Bayshore.  It’s an important opportunity for professional development and networking.  There will be 28 courses where your doctor will brush up on their continuing education.  So this may be one of the reasons why your favourite eye doctor is fully booked or is away.

As some of you may know, I have been serving as the President for BC Doctor of Optometry (formally known as BC Association of Optometrist) for the past two years.  My term will be up this May 2015 and there will be an opportunity for new doctors to serve as the role of the Board.  I will still be on the Board for another 1-2 years to guide the new Board members as the role of Past President.

Through this journey, I have learned a lot and it’s a priceless experience.  I have gained great leadership with the aid of other great leaders both on a provincial and national level.  I am humble and honoured that I had this opportunity to serve as the President of BC Doctors of Optometry for the past 2 years.

Unfortunately, I’ll be one of the doctors that will be away this weekend.  Dr. Jessica Chang is still have 1-2 openings on Saturday and Dr. Karen Lee may have a few more spots. So, if you have not had an eye exam within the past 2 years or if a child hasn’t had their annual eye exam, make sure you book them in soon.  All BC Doctors of Optometry are here to make sure we take care of your eyes for years to come.

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