Why life is better with binocular vision…

Why life is better with binocular vision…

Our Avenue Eyecare brochures state that we assess “binocular vision” and I’ve found that many people aren’t sure what it means…Our brain gets information/images from both (bi) eyes (ocular) and combines the images into one, which becomes what we see.  Our brain uses the small differences between  the images to decipher how far away the object is, which gives us the ability to have depth perception.  We not only use depth perception to evaluate how far things are around us, but also to judge the speed of moving objects  (perception of movement).

What causes poor binocular vision?

1.  Reduced vision in one eye (unequal vision between the eyes)

2.  Poor coordination of movement between the two eyes (eye muscle weakness)

3.  Problems at the level of the brain when comparing images from the eyes

Children with poor binocular vision or no binocular vision will have problems judging depth and the speed of moving objects.  For example, they may seem uncoordinated or grab in front or behind objects.  Try closing one eye and pouring water into a glass 2 feet away… I’m sure you’ll find it’s much more difficult than doing the same thing with both eyes open.

It is so important to make sure your child’s binocular vision is developing well early-on, because if it’s not, different treatments and therapies are much more effective during early development years. Take your child to a doctor of optometry to assess their binocular vision if  you haven’t already!

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