World Cup Fever and Eye Safety!

World Cup Fever and Eye Safety!


It has been about one week since the World Cup Tournament has started in Brazil. There has been lots of upsets and surprises from different countries. As this sport is becoming more popular in Canada, kids are on the field learning this sport. A few parents has asked me what is the best eyewear for their children.

At Avenue Eyecare, we carry different sport eyewear from swimming, soccer to basketball. Today, I will be talking about the Progear Eyeguard Eyewear that we carry at our clinic.  Here are some helpful tips when you are looking for an eyewear protection.



1. Polycarbonate Lenses – These are shatterproof lenses and will sustain the impact of a ball or a finger

2. Durable Frame Design – A frame that is made of polycarbon is the best choice because it can withstand the impact of a ball

3. Coverage – The frame must completely cover the entire eye socket. Impact on any soft tissue around the eye may cause serious damage

4. Padding – This helps soften the blow. The frame should have cushion on the temple and at the bridge points.

5. Sports band – This helps the frame secure to the head so it won’t fall off.

If you have any questions on any specialty eyewear, please come by to Avenue Eyecare and we will take care of all your eyewear and eyecare needs.

Dr. Sherman Tung, OD FAAO

img source: worldsoccertalk.com & allaboutvision.com